Cabling & Bracing Trees

When we perform cabling and bracing services, tree supports are installed to help maintain tree structure, holding any unstable limbs and protecting any vulnerable areas of the tree. Our tree support systems are used for split trees and as another option for tree removal when circumstances allow. Cables and braces are a temporary solution for certain situations and are not ... Read More »

Care For Damaged Trees

NYS DEPT Of Environmental Conservation Advises: Trees can be damaged by high winds, snow, ice and/or other severe weather. Safety is a primary concern when working with trees. Any work that requires a chain saw or cannot be performed from the ground should be done by a┬áprofessional tree-care service. Read More »

Tree Care Safety & Liability

Trees can become a dangerous safety hazard if cracked or damaged limbs are hanging over streets, businesses, homes, or power lines, and some trees can also become dangerous because they are diseased and rotting. These trees are unstable and could fall without warning. At A Affordable Tree Experts, we specialize in handling these types of trees so that our clients ... Read More »

Tree Trimming, Pruning & Cutting

When trees on your property are growing awkward or overgrown, interfere with power lines or signals, have deadwood, rotting, leaning branches, splintering, are blocking paths of sight, light, windows and/or walkways, have low hanging branches which pose a safety hazard, are damaged, in the way or just plain look bad, our Bronx tree trimming and pruning services can fix it ... Read More »

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