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Man, oh man, what can I say-in 2008; we had one of those crazy storms. I had live wires laying all over my driveway and half of a tree in the spot where my brand new deck used to be. I couldn’t get the power company to take care of things quick enough, I called Affordable Tree at 2 am, just a couple hours after the storm died down…needless to say they were at my place by 4am. They removed the entire tree and cleaned up everything, I can’t tell you how much time this saved me….
– Rich, Throggs Neck, NY

Stand-Up Tree Company, I wouldn’t call myself cheap or anything like that, but these guys definitely provided the best service for the best money. I sold a house; they pruned and freshened up all the trees on the property. Quick, low priced and I didn’t get a migraine dealing with them. In the Bronx, that’s what I call service!
– Scott, Riverdale, NY

Good pricing, came and went with no issues, these guys were hanging from trees like acrobats, removed a huge branch blocking my building driveway, would definitely call them again if need be.
– Hector, University Ave, Bronx, NY

Very reasonable company to deal with, I called a bunch of people before I dealt with them, my wife ended up going with them, we had just bought some new property, there were tree stumps all over the place, the previous developer didn’t think to get rid of them and we overlooked them before we signed those property deeds, they showed up with a bunch of crazy looking equipment and got rid of all the stumps-very happy!!
– Amy, New Rochelle, NY

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