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Tree Cutting, tree removing, and hazardous tree removal services are what we’re best known for. Affordable Tree Experts provides safe, fast, and affordable tree services.

When may you need to give us a call for our hazard trees services? Answer, any time you think a large tree limb may crack, or a tree is in danger of falling.

Hanging or loosely attached branches and split trunks are obvious safety concerns. They should be dealt with as soon as possible to avoid the possibility of personal injury and/or property damage. Broken but firmly attached branches that pose no immediate danger of falling can be pruned after the more hazardous branches have been removed. Trunks that are split down the middle are very difficult to brace adequately, and should be removed or addressed by a professional tree-care service such as ourselves.

Hazard Trees Removal Services

Branches To Remove:

Large tree branches can fall and cause serious damage, to property and person. It is important that you call a local tree company immediately if you suspect there is a chance your tree may fall. Our tree service company specializes in hazardous tree removal services. We will arrive fast, cut the trees that present a danger of falling, and affordably remove the tree from your property.

Safety is the first consideration in removing branches from storm damaged trees. All branches that are loose should be removed as soon as possible to eliminate the chance of injury or damage if they were to fall. Other branches that are cracked or broken should be removed after the loose branches are gone. A branch (or trunk) that was partially stripped of its bark when an attached branch pulled away, and more than a third of the original circumference of bark is lost, should be removed.

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