Affordable Tree Services

Whether you need tree trimming, tree removal, storm damage cleanup, or have a tree emergency, A Affordable Tree Experts is your resource for New York City tree services. We offer a wide range of services to help you maintain attractive, healthy, safe trees on your property or around your home.

Tree Trimming in New York City

For many property owners, tree trimming is the service they need the most frequently. Regular tree trimming helps to resolve safety issues, prevent safety issues, maintain the health of the tree, and maintain the attractive appearance of the tree.

Prevent Safety Hazards

When a tree is growing too close to nearby power lines, it must be trimmed to prevent it from contacting the power lines. If the tree comes into contact with power lines, it can transmit electricity to the ground, causing a safety hazard for everyone in the neighborhood. It could also break a power line or short out the power line, causing a power outage. For this reason, trees must be regularly trimmed to keep them clear of power lines.

In some cases, the tree branches can grow into the street or onto the sidewalk interfering with a driver's ability to see other cars or pedestrians, and this creates a danger to the community. When it grows onto the sidewalk, it can interfere with the ability of pedestrians to pass, which may encourage them to walk in the nearby street, and this can be dangerous to them. If a tree is blocking road or sidewalk traffic, it will need to be trimmed to make sure that drivers and pedestrians can see and navigate around the tree.

Reduce Future Costs

Regular tree trimming is not just about current hazards, but about preventing future risks. When branches, limbs, or trees are blown off in high winds or storms, the portions broken off are usually portions or trees that have suffered previous damage. Trees that are decaying, rotted, diseased, or damaged may be more susceptible to weather damage than healthy trees.

When a tree is trimmed regularly, it's also regularly inspected. Branches or limbs that are vulnerable to storm damage can be removed safely in a controlled manner before the storm hits, and this can help to reduce the risk of falling branches or toppled trees in the next big storm. Your New York City tree experts can help you keep your property and your family safe, even when a Nor'easter or hurricane is on the horizon.

Keep Your Trees Healthy

In addition to safety, regular tree trimming can help to keep trees healthy. As your tree expert works on the tree, they're able to detect signs of disease. This means that problems can be found and treated early, rather than continuing to damage the tree or to spread to surrounding trees.

When a tree expert removes damaged limbs and branches, they’re not only helping you to be safe; they’re also helping the tree to be healthy. Trees will attempt to repair damaged branches and limbs, usually by shunting water and nutrients to injured sections. Sometimes, they wind up spending so much energy on damaged parts that they don’t grow correctly or it weakens the entire organism.

When those damaged portions are removed, the tree retains its nutrients and can effectively distribute them to the entire tree. Trees that receive regular trimming are healthier and more robust than trees that are ignored or neglected.

Increase Your Property Value

When it comes to appearance, trees matter. They can highlight your home’s architecture, frame your property, increase curb appeal, and improve property values—but just like our hair, trees need a trim once in a while to look their best.

Tree branches and limbs don’t grow at a uniform rate. Rather, one section may grow faster than another. This can cause the tree to look asymmetrical or uneven, like someone with a lock of hair sticking straight up where it doesn’t belong. Trimming the tree can help to correct this problem, just like trimming a lock of hair to make it uniform with the rest can make a person’s hairstyle look neater and more polished.

Over time, small sticks and limbs can break off healthy branches and catch in the canopy. Usually, this isn't a big deal, but over time, it can cause the tree to look unruly and messy. A tree expert can trim the tree, removing those broken limbs, and this will make it look clean and put-together again.

Whether you need your tree trimmed for safety, health, or aesthetic reasons, it’s important to have your tree care handled correctly and affordably. We can help you get it done right the first time, without having to break the bank. Give us a call for a free estimate.

Tree Removal in New York City

Unfortunately, not every tree can be saved. Sometimes, a tree needs to be removed, and A Affordable Tree Experts can help you get your tree removed in New York City.

Why Remove the Tree?

There are many reasons why a tree may require removal. Safety: The tree consistently grows into a street or near a power line, and regular trimming is not sufficient to keep it safe. The tree’s trunk or core is decayed or rotted, which poses a hazard of falling and doing property damage or injuring someone.

Tree Health: The tree is diseased, and it could pass that disease along to other nearby trees. The tree is dying or severely damaged and needs to be replaced with a young tree. The tree is so severely damaged that it can’t be salvaged.

Aesthetics and Progress: The tree is blocking a view or a path. There’s a new addition or new construction planned, and the tree is in the way.

Can I Remove the Tree Myself?

We do not recommend that you try to remove a tree by yourself. Tree removal requires a specialized set of equipment and knowledge. Attempting a tree removal without those tools can also be unsafe.

In New York City, you can’t remove a large tree in a single piece in most cases due to the close proximity of buildings, pedestrian walkways, and heavy traffic. Someone must start at the top of the tree by climbing it or using a lift while wielding a heavy chainsaw, and then they must carefully lower the top pieces of the tree to the ground without letting anyone get hurt.

Climbing a tree – especially a tree that may be already damaged – without the proper training and equipment can result in a nasty fall. This can cause serious injury, so it’s best to leave tree climbing and chainsaws to the professionals.

Removing a tree can also be hazardous because large pieces or chunks of the tree need to go from the sky to the ground in a controlled manner. Pieces of the branches or trunks can fall and land on the head, shoulders, or back of someone who’s standing beneath the tree causing severe damage and injury. Play it safe. Call an expert.

Storm Damage Repair in New York City

Some New York City neighborhoods are more prone to storm damage than others. Neighborhoods with tall buildings and skyscrapers may experience an urban canyon effect, where the skyscrapers concentrate the power of the wind and increase its force.

After the first major storm of 2018, about a third of all fallen trees reported occurred in Manhattan, an area known for its skyscrapers (especially around the Financial District). Though high winds can strike in any borough, and if a tree is already vulnerable through previous disease, decay, or damage, any tree anywhere can lose branches or fall over.

Storms don't remove tree pieces gently and carefully set them on the ground. Instead, they leave branches and trunk sections partially severed, or they precariously balance large branches on fences or cars. Attempting to move these pieces can shift the weight and cause them to fall, doing further damage to property or causing additional injury. We strongly advise you not to attempt any major storm damage repair by yourself. Storm damage is often chaotic and unexpected. It can create dangerous situations that should be remedied by a tree expert.

24/7 Emergency Service in New York City

Storm damage and tree damage can happen any time of day or night, even during times outside of regular business hours. In some cases, it's crucial to repair or resolve the damage promptly, as leaving it alone can cause additional damage or injure people in the neighborhood. We have a technician available twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, to help you restore your property after a storm or after unexpected tree damage.

Our job is to help you keep your trees healthy, and after a storm, our job is to help you restore your trees and your property to optimal health and appearance. Whether it’s day or night, weekday or weekend, we want you to give us a call and give us a chance to make your home safe again.