How Trees Secretly Talk To Each Other

Trees talk and share resources right under our feet, using a fungal network nicknamed the Wood Wide Web. Some plants use the system to support their offspring, while others hijack it to sabotage their rivals. Read More »

Tree Company Bronx

Bronx Tree Company Are you looking for a tree company in the Bronx? Our local tree company can help you with all of your tree services and tree care needs. We only employ the best and most technically savvy tree experts, and we always get the job completed the first time. Our tree company Bronx professionals are fully licensed & ... Read More »

Tree Removal

Bronx Tree Removal Tree removals are done for a wide range of reasons. These could include safety issues, failing health of the tree, making way for new construction, replacement for a different type of tree specimen, crowding or causing harm to other trees, causing obstructions that are impossible to correct through our pruning/trimming/cutting services, or disease problems and storm damage. ... Read More »

Hazard Trees

Tree Cutting Services Tree Cutting, tree removing, and hazardous tree removal services are what we’re best known for. Affordable Tree Experts provides safe, fast, and affordable tree services. When may you need to give us a call for our hazard trees services? Answer, any time you think a large tree limb may crack, or a tree is in danger of ... Read More »

Bronx Tree Service

Why choose A Affordable Tree Experts for all of your tree care needs in the Bronx? For over 25 years, our Bronx tree service company has been helping clients with their arboriculture, tree care and cutting services, which helps keep the Bronx’s trees healthier and living longer. Over 3 generations we have built the top rated Bronx tree service company, ... Read More »

Stump Grinding & Removal

Bronx Stump Grinding Do you need stump grinding or tree removal in the Bronx? When a tree is cut down and prepared for removal, the leftover wood stump and any roots protruding from the ground level must be removed using different equipment specifically for stump grinding and removal. Since not all practitioners of tree services are equal and some don’t ... Read More »

Storm Damage / Emergency Tree Services

Tree Company Bronx

Emergency Tree Services As the top tree removal company in NYC & lower Westchester who has been in the tree business for over 40 years, we always offer safe, affordable tree services. Our tree estimators are professional and provide detailed quotes for your tree service needs, and get the tree job done properly. Our experienced tree experts will come the ... Read More »

Hazardous Tree Assessment

Tree Company Bronx

Hazardous Tree Assessment Our Hazardous Tree Assessment Program allows A Affordable Tree Experts to cover your needs in a situation involving tree damage or hazard trees. 1) The very first thing our tree professionals provide is a broad on-site assessment. We then proceed on surveying the location and looking out for specific hazard areas. 2) After we’ve documented any potential ... Read More »

A Affordable Tree Experts – Bronx Tree Service

Bronx Tree Company A Affordable Tree Experts offers a wide array of tree services, including tree removals, tree pruning, tree trimming and stump grinding as well as other services. We’ve been serving the Bronx and surrounding and neighborhoods for over 25 years. From Tree removal to tree trimming, A Affordable Tree Experts certified arborists are your Bronx tree experts. Here ... Read More »

Welcome to A Affordable Tree Experts!

We specialize in tree pruning & removal, storm clean-up, and stump grinding & removal services for both residential and commercial customers. As experts in tree services for the Bronx, New York City and Lower Westchester area for over 25 years, we work hard to show our customers why our skills and experience make all the difference. We offer reliable, fast ... Read More »

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