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April 1, 2023
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April 15, 2023

When we talk about t tree removal, the first thing that comes into mind is the chainsaw. It is the most important piece of equipment for this activity. However, there are some instances that a single chainsaw can’t be used for tree removal.

This may be because the tree is very large or is very tall. For these instances, tree removal becomes a much more dangerous, and extensive project, and requires not only one man but a team of skilled tree experts, and the professional tree equipment they contain.


Some tree removal tasks require the use of specialized equipment to get the job done, and some do not. But any time you decide to remove a tree from your property, it is always prudent to know the laws and regulations of your area.


Know the law


In NYC, it is stated on the City website that:


No work may be performed on or within 50 feet of a street tree without a Tree Work Permit from Parks & Recreation. Any person, business, or contractor wishing to remove or perform work on or within 50 feet of a tree on New York City property is required to obtain a permit from Parks & Recreation.

Examples of work include, but are not limited to, installing a sidewalk, driveway or utility line, pruning, hanging holiday lights, or extending the current tree planting space. A permit for the work may be issued following a review process, which may entail additional documentation, and / or modifications or alterations of the work plan.

A permit will be issued no earlier than 5 business days prior to the start of work on or near City trees. All tree work will be completed at the property owner’s expense.


Risky business


Tree removal is risky business. As an ardent owner of the property that this tree resides on, you will most definitely care for the safety of all persons, and all property surrounding you. This is why you will always look to hire a professional.


Hire a Professional


It is known that many property owners obtain unskilled professionals to conduct work on their property when needing to have a tree removed. This is done because they assume they will say money, but in fact they are wrong. Risk of injury or damage to property will always result in a higher cost then just hiring a professional tree service.


In the end it is always wise, and in the best interest of you the property owner, to retain the services of a tree professional when needing to remove a tree.


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